The Buildings & Resources Action Group

The Resources Action Group ensures that our building is a welcoming space for all who come and that we are properly resourced to do the things we feel God is calling us to do. Activity by the

Resources Action Group has included overseeing:

  • the reordering of the West End of Church, which includes the addition of new toilets and balcony area
  • work on the Parvis Roof (South Porch)
  • the South entrance with automatic glass doors accessible to all;
  • the work to install a new efficient boiler;
  • the reordering of the Lady Chapel to create flexible soundproof space;
  • the careful repair of ancient stone steps in the Church tower;
  • the structure of Church finances.

Everyone is welcome to be part of the work of one of the Action Groups.  It is important that we use and celebrate all the different gifts that are in the church family.

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