Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships has been delivering specialised health care and community development services to the forgotten poor for over 30 years.  The ships  have served in more than 150 ports bringing lasting change to millions of lives.  The vision is to “seek to become the face of love in action, bringing hope and healing to the poor”.  The ships are crewed by doctors, nurses, water engineers and agriculturalists - all volunteers from all over the world.  Mercy Ships provides free, specialised operations that save lives, improve the quality of life and restore hope.  The people they treat come to them with all manner of difficulties and problems.  Typically this may be treatment for: cataracts, or other sight loss, tumours, congenital abnormalities, cleft palates, burns, leprosy, dental problems, or injuries sustained in war, or work or childbirth.  In addition Mercy Ships will partner local communities, churches and schools to help provide clean water, improve sanitation and give training in health care and agriculture.  For much of 2012 Yvonne Harris from our Church family served onboard the Africa Mercy.