Oundle Nongoma Friendship






The Oundle Nongoma Friendship was formed to strengthen links between the community of Oundle and the people of Efefe in Nongoma South Africa.  The needs in Nongoma are huge due to the effects of HIV/AIDS wiping out a whole generation.  This has left many child headed families and orphans learning to cope with little food and younger siblings to look after.  We are already addressing some of these issues through the funding of the "food for learning" programme at the Bhekanani care centre, enabling the most vulnerable children to eat 1 meal a day on the proviso that they then attend the local school.  Funding has now increased to the level where we are about to recruit a part time centre manager, who will co-ordinate other charities work in the Bhekanani centre.  This has already meant that we have started HIV/Aids testing in Bhekanani, and are planning more community work for the elderly and the disabled.