United Society

We support the work of the United Society – “Us.” (formerly USPG) and through Us. we are linked with The Church of Bangladesh.  In particular we support the range of health work run by the Church of Bangladesh Social and Development Programme (CBSDP).  The emphasis is on raising awareness of health issues and disease prevention so that communities feel empowered to take matters of health into their own hands.  At the same time, the Church of Bangladesh continues to provide vital medical services through a range of hospitals, clinics and outreach programmes.  Bollobhpur Hospital is a 50-bed hospital treating 1,400 inpatients a year and many more outpatients; it also runs a health outreach programme in local villages and has a nursing school based there.  Three other Community Health Programmes serve poor, vulnerable and tribal communities. CBSDP defines health as ‘a state of physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual well-being – these five dimensions are inter-related and each affects the health of the whole person’.