Everyone has faith.  We post letters into a red cylinder and without stopping to check whether a postman arrives and without following the mail train to Inverness we walk away and get on with life.  Why?  Because our experience gives us confidence to trust Royal Mail.  Everyone has faith, but it’s what we do with our faith that makes a difference.  At St Peter’s we provide spaces and places for people to explore their faith, from the youngest child to the oldest pensioner: What is life all about?  How do I know there is a God?  And if there is a God, what is He like?  Is He interested in me, or is he just concerned with the big picture?  There are so many questions that buzz round our minds – especially at crossroads moments.  So what DO Christians believe?  At Baptisms the promises say that we “believe and trust in God”.  Come and find out what belief and trust are all about.  Explore some more.  Enjoy the journey.