Food Bank

UPDATE: 1st November 2016

Food bank progress report

Corby have begun to contact those who have volunteered with a view to putting together a rota of helpers so that the food bank can open in January as planned.  But we are still short of the number needed.  Please have a think whether you can offer to help in some way. 

While the plan is for the food bank to operate on Tuesday afternoons, when most volunteers will be needed there may be some tasks needing to be done on other days.  Each week we will need ideally four volunteers and we aim for volunteers to serve only once a month - unless of course they want to do more.  Volunteers need to sign up in advance so that they can be registered for insurance purposes.

If you think you can help or would like to know more, please contact David Hardwick on 01832 273567;  Please encourage your friends to think about this too. 


Meeting Notes from Meeting held on 21st September 2016 - click here

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A Food Bank for Oundle

There is a long tradition of working together among the churches of Oundle, including youth activities - in particular Chattabox - joint services and lent lunches.

Last year leaders of the Anglican, Baptist and Methodist churches met to look at a Methodist suggestion that their church in Drummingwell Lane might be used more widely for joint church activities.  The fact that the Sunday night youth group, Zone, now meets there was one immediate result.

Another suggestion was that there should be a foodbank.  Despite the initial impression that Oundle and area gives, we were convinced that there was a need for the immediate and temporary help that a food bank can offer.

Existing foodbanks were visited to look at the different ways of operation, in Rushden which is a stand-alone foodbank and in Peterborough, Oakham and Corby which are part of the Trussell Trust network.

Many will have heard of the Trussell Trust, a national organisation. The Trust partners with local communities to help stop UK hunger.  Its 400-strong network of foodbanks provides a minimum of three days’ emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK. In 2015/16, the network gave over 1,100,000 three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis.  The Trust provides wide-ranging support for its local partners - advice, training, procedures.  It also lobbies very effectively at national level on poverty issues.  We therefore concluded that an Oundle foodbank should be a part of the Trussell network.

Also, following our discussions with Peterborough, Oakham and Corby, we decided that it would be better if we were linked with another larger foodbank.  For several reasons, Corby was the most appropriate, and they have agreed that Oundle could become one of their distribution centres; they have four at the moment. 

Clients could be referred to the foodbank by a number of different agencies who would be responsible both for assessing their needs and for advising and supporting them to resolve the problems that are causing their crisis.

This is a specifically Christian outreach and we would want clients to be aware that it is our Christian Faith which drives this activity. Our Corby partners, especially, are keen that prayer and Christian friendship should be on offer.



The foodbank would operate (at least initially) half a day a week, using the Methodist building as its base.  It would be run by a team of volunteers from all the churches, and indeed anyone not in one of the churches who wished  to help.  Our next step is to hold a meeting on 21 September in St Peter's Church, Oundle at 2.30pm with all those who might be interested in helping to sort out all the details and agree a programme of training and preparation with a view to opening early next year. 

We shall need a volunteer manager for the project and volunteers:

  • to make and serve refreshments for clients
  • to talk with them and make them feel at ease
  • to manage the store of food
  • to make up food parcels using Trussell Trust guidelines
  • possibly to collect food supplies from supermarkets and from Corby's central store
  • to refer clients to other places where they can get appropriate advice and help

We are aiming for a sufficient number of volunteers for there to be at least three on duty at any one time. on a rota so that it does not become a burden for the few.

If you think you might be interested in helping in any way, please do let us know.  Speak to Andrew Burgess, Stephen Webster, John Hewitson or David Hardwick, or send an email to