On Sundays

At St Peter's we really love being a community of people of all ages.  That means that we aim to provide lots of opportunities for young people to get   involved and belong to our Church family.

Children and young people on Sundays: something for every age!

The following Junior Church Groups meet on Sunday Mornings at The 9:45 Service on the weeks each month when it is not a Family Service (which are opportunities for us all to worship together).  We love welcoming new children to our Junior Church groups!

Toddler space (for under three’s)

Every Sunday we create an area for very young children and their carers in within the main body of the church.  This means that they can play to their hearts content whilst still being part of the service.  It’s fine for them to be noisy! 

Power Pack (aimed at 3-6 year olds)

We're a group for those aged 3-6 (from pre-school to the end of Year 1).  We worship God with singing and dancing; we learn from different Bible stories and pray and have games and craft activities.  Come and join the fun!

Rockets (aimed at 6-8 year olds)

Lift off each Sunday morning with our Junior Church group for 6 to 8 year olds (Year 2 and Year 3).  We play games and have fun as we delve into the Bible to find out about God’s great love for us. Come along and join in!

JC82 11 (aimed at 8-11 year olds)

In JC82 11 we're a group of young people in school years 4 to 6.  We like meeting in the Laxton Cloisters (a big building immediately opposite the church) because there is lots of space for activities.  As we look at the Bible and learn to follow Jesus we play games, and do drama and arts and craft. Happy, fun, and friendly is what we aim to be.